De La Paz – Rosero Family

Roberto and Tania were living in a cramped two-bedroom apartment with their three daughters under age 10. Roberto works in construction and Tania stays home with the children. They dreamed of owning a home and joined the Habitat program in 2016, working hard during the homebuyer education classes and enlisting family and friends to help them reach the required 300 hours of sweat equity.

The couple and their three daughters moved into a spacious home in a safe part of the city thanks to Habitat for Humanity of Berks County and the family’s hard work in partnering with the organization. Now, instead of rooming together in an attic, each of the girls has her own room and they are looking forward to having a small dog, which they couldn’t have before in the apartment. With Habitat’s low-interest mortgage, the family is paying less to own their home than they paid in rent.