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First-Time Home Buyer Program

Our Habitat Berks First-Time Home Buyer Program offers the opportunity to own a fully-renovated or new home to individuals and families who may not qualify for a home of like condition through traditional mortgage through a bank or other funding source. During the 12-14 month program, potential home buyers take up to 45 hours of financial education courses and complete 200 hours of “sweat equity.”

Primer Programa de Comprador de Vivienda

Nuestro programa Habitat Berks First-Time Home Buyer, ofrece la oportunidad de ser dueño de una casa totalmente renovada o una nueva casa; para aquellos individuos y familias quienes no cualifiquen para una casa atravez de un prestamo de casa tradicional atravez de un banco u otro fondo de recursos. Durante el programa de los 12-24 meses los potenciales compradores del hogar tienen que tomar un curso de 45 horas de educación financiera y completar 200 horas de “sweat equity”


Now accepting applications for first-time homeowners for our homes in Reading!

Program Qualifications

To purchase a home through Habitat for Humanity of Berks County, individuals and families must:

  • Have lived in Berks County for at least one year
  • Not currently own a home
  • Submit documentation of US citizenship or legal residency
  • Be willing to partner with Habitat Berks in completing 200 hours of sweat equity
  • Submit proof of income
  • Demonstrate a need for an affordable home (such as unsafe living conditions, overcrowding, high cost of rent, etc.)
  • Fall within certain income guidelines* (see table below)

Requistos del Programa

Para comprar una prodiedad de Habitat Berks, individuos y familias deben

  • Haber vivido en el Condado de Berks por la menos un ano
  • Ser por primera vez compradores de casa
  • Estar en el pais legalmente
  • Estar dispuestos a asociarse con Habitat Berks para completer 200 horas de laborer
  • Comprobante de ingresos
  • Demonstrar le nescesidad de una casa aasequible (como: inseguras, consiciones de visa, hacinamiento, alto costo de alquiler, etc.)
  • Ester dentro de ciertas pautas de ingresos*

*Ingresos, man itencion de los hijos, discapacidad, seguridad social, pension y otros beneficios se incluyen en el calcula de ingresos brutos

2023 Income Qualifications for Berks County


  • Employment income, child support, disability, Social Security, pension, alimony and other benefits are included in calculating gross income.
  • Typically, families in the 60%-80% income ranges are successful in completing the program.


  • Ingresos, man itencion de los hijos, discapacidad, seguridad social, pension y otros beneficios se incluyen en el calcula de ingresos brutos
  • Por lo general, les familias con un rango de ingresos del 60%-80% tienen exito al completar el programa.


De La Paz – Rosero Family

Roberto and Tania were living in a cramped two-bedroom apartment with their three daughters under age 10. Roberto works in construction and Tania stays home with the children. They dreamed of owning a home and joined the Habitat program in 2016, working hard during the homebuyer education classes and enlisting family and friends to help them reach the required 300 hours of sweat equity.

The couple and their three daughters moved into a spacious home in a safe part of the city thanks to Habitat for Humanity of Berks County and the family’s hard work in partnering with the organization. Now, instead of rooming together in an attic, each of the girls has her own room and they are looking forward to having a small dog, which they couldn’t have before in the apartment. With Habitat’s low-interest mortgage, the family is paying less to own their home than they paid in rent.

October 2018 Update

Roberto said he learned about safety in the home and got some good advice to fix his credit score. “Habitat helped me with my credit,” Roberto said. He added that his mortgage payment is less than his rent payment once was.

The De La Paz children are happy with the move as well.  “We are happy because before we had to share a room and a bed,” said 13-year-old Raquel of herself and her sister, Carmen.  “We don’t fight as much,” she said. She added that they now have space for friends to come over and a yard to play in.

They like their new neighborhood.  “It is very calming,” said Raquel. “I’m happy for me and my family.”  She told the story of two shootings in her previous neighborhood and waking up at night to police lights and sirens out in the street.

Even though her walk to school is longer than it once was, said she likes her new school where she is taking an advanced math class.  “This school has more programs, I think,” Raquel said, saying she likes the options for clubs and activities there.

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